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Academy of Art in Szczecin
artistic education in the field of musical art
Department of Music Education
The department runs
full-time first-cycle studies (three-year undergraduate studies)
full-time second-cycle studies (two-year MA studies)

Field of study: artistic education in the field of musical art

MAJOR: artistic education in the field of musical art
Additional selectable specialties:
- leading jazz bands and popular music with jazz vocalism
- church music
- rhythmics

MAJOR: artistic education in the field of musical art
Mandatory to choose the specialty:
- art therapy
- choral conducting
- church music
- conducting of brass orchestras
- jazz and entertainment music
- teaching ear training, music broadcasts, music literature and principles of music with elements of note editing in music education

At the Faculty of Music Education, we educate future teachers and music teachers who / who can develop their interests and skills in the field of musical art, additionally applying for the specialization of your choice. Studies at the Faculty of Music Education prepare, among others to lead:
• didactic classes in general and / or music education,
• music classes in kindergartens,
• vocal or vocal-instrumental groups in general education, music and amateur movement;
• musical activity in cultural institutions, churches and animation of musical culture in society.

The education is conducted by a staff of experienced lecturers and female lecturers, regularly performing artists and artists. Students have a wide range of equipment at their disposal - incl. pianos or pianos in almost every room, pipe and electronic organs, audio-video equipment, school musical instruments, interactive boards, a computer lab or a music library.

The faculty has choirs and ensembles, research clubs, and organizes conferences, master classes and concerts for the Szczecin community. Students actively participating in the life of the University during their studies can gain extensive experience.