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Academy of Art in Szczecin
Design Department

The department runs
full-time first-cycle studies (three-and-a-half-year undergraduate practical profile)
full-time second-cycle studies (two-year MA studies)



- visual communication
- fashion design
- product design
- designing computer games and virtual spaces

We enable the acquisition of practical skills in designing objects, fashion and graphic elements of visual communication, valued on the labor market. We educate the skills of creating both the aesthetic side of the project and solving functional or construction problems.

In the Visual Communication specialization, students learn designing publications, multimedia publications, branding (brand creation) and visual identification, packaging design, lettering and typography, advertising and publishing photography, designing websites, interfaces and mobile applications as well as computer animation and 3D modeling. .

In the fashion design specialization, students learn fashion design, footwear and accessories design, fabric design, jewelry design, as well as tailoring, footwear, goldsmith techniques, fabric printing techniques, as well as fashion photography, post-production and journal drawing.
Students of the product design specialization learn about conceptual design, multisensory and multidisciplinary design, as well as modeling and prototyping, product photography, ergonomics, technical drawing and presentation drawing.

The university enables the acquisition of practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of computer game design, virtual reality, as well as mobile and web applications. A specialized staff of practitioners and a wide range of workshops offered will allow students to choose any career path in the computer games industry - both as designers, graphic designers and animators ready to work in the largest studios, as well as independent game developers who work on their own titles. Classes are supplemented with the so-called Game Jamami, organized as part of open-air workshops and internships at local industry representatives.

From the first semester up to the diploma, students learn about the latest programs during computer-aided design classes. They will also learn the production technologies of the products, clothes or publications they design, making them themselves in specialized laboratories.

The study programs are complemented by classes in design methodology, design management, composition, psychophysiology of vision, anthroposphere, and history of art and design.

The works of our female students gain recognition and awards, which shows that education in this field has reached a high level.



Second degree studies in the field of DESIGN educate creative designers who are able to combine design issues with other disciplines of art and science. Classes are held in the system

consultative. This system gives students the opportunity to create individual development "paths" by selecting consultants from any specialization, under the supervision of whom you can expand knowledge, competences and skills according to your preferences - the basis for choices is the experience accumulated in all specialties in the field of Design: visual communication, computer games , fashion design and product design.