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Film Małgorzaty Mazur Święto na EuropeNow Film Festival w Lisbonie
Film Małgorzaty Mazur "Święto" prezentowany będzie na międzynarodowym festiwalu EuropeNow Film Festival,  28 czerwca w Lizbonie.
EuropeNow Film Festival is an initiative of WoFF: World of Film International Festival in Glasgow, Scotland, UK and CES: Council for European Studies at Columbia University in the city of New York.

The festival focuses on contemporary European thematics, which include but are not limited to fiction, ary, animated and art short and feature films of any length, that depict important aspects of Europe’s present reality. Samples of themes covered in the previous and current editions are refugee crisis, environmental crisis, war in Ukraine, economic recession, LGBTQ+ rights, Brexit, as well as shifts in lifestyle, tradition, culture and institutions within the diverse European continent.