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Academy of Art in Szczecin
Faculty of Graphics

The department runs
full-time first-cycle studies (three-year undergraduate studies)
full-time second-cycle studies (two-year MA studies)


- interactive graphics (first degree only)
- graphic design (first and second degree)
- artistic graphics (first and second degree)

A characteristic feature of education in the field of graphics is the diversity and openness resulting from combining the design arts with the beautiful. The interpenetration of these fields is a natural path of artistic development. Design graphics guarantees students development in such areas as typography, publishing design, poster, graphic signs and visual identification design, web design, illustration, creative film and animated graphics. The curriculum of the studio is adapted to contemporary realities and needs. Students gain the knowledge necessary to work in professional design studios, advertising and branding agencies, publishing houses and printing houses.

Students of artistic graphics, by learning both traditional printing techniques (such as linocut, lithography, etching, etc.) and modern techniques of 2D and 3D graphics, animation, as well as drawing and painting, have the opportunity to look for their own artistic path. Upon graduation, they are prepared to work in the printing and publishing industries, in design studios and advertising agencies. Often, graduates and graduates of the faculty find employment as illustrators, work in educational cultural institutions, museums or art galleries.
Interactive graphics is education primarily in the field of digital and multimedia graphics, photography and digital imaging, multimedia and virtual space, the basics of 3D programming and modeling, audiovisual sphere, sculpture and digital transformation, spatial and interactive activities and artistic strategies. Our primary goal is to educate professional graphic designers - artists and designers who can creatively and originally implement their ideas, based on the current digital and analog workshop. Students have the opportunity to develop in two ways during their studies. They can focus on the game development process and learn about distribution and promotion issues by going to internships and apprenticeships in game companies. Others - focused on interactive and multimedia activities in the field of art - have a chance to confront the art market during exhibitions in which they will have the opportunity to participate, both in the country and abroad.

Everything under the supervision of specialized staff - artists and graphic artists, painters, designers, using the most modern equipment and software. Both employees and students present their works at exhibitions not only in the galleries of the Academy of Art in Szczecin (Rector's Gallery, R + Gallery), but also throughout Poland and Europe. Among our graduates and employees, we also have many winners of graphic competitions around the world.