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Academy of Art in Szczecin
instrumental studies
Instrumental Department
The department runs
full-time first-cycle studies (three-year undergraduate studies)
full-time second-cycle studies (two-year MA studies)

Field of study: instrumental studies

- accordion
- viola
- bassoon
- flute
- piano
- guitar
- harp
- clarinet
- harpsichord
- double bass
- oboe
- organs
- drums
- trombone
- saxophone
- violin
- trumpet
- tube
- French horn
- cello

In the field of instrumental studies, we educate musicians in the direction of soloist and chamber music and prepare them for work in orchestras. The study program allows you to obtain pedagogical qualifications to teach in first and second degree music education. Additionally, we shape our students' skills in management and culture promotion.

The Instrumental Department of the Academy of Art in Szczecin boasts a great team of artists
and musicians performing in the world's largest concert halls. Individual teachers and pedagogues are concertmasters and concertmasters of symphony orchestras, soloists
and soloists as well as chamber and chamber musicians.

The faculty has a symphony orchestra and chamber orchestras, where female and male students can develop their skills and gain the necessary experience. We have an extensive range of instruments, teaching laboratories and a historic concert hall that is currently under renovation. There is also a professional recording studio that allows you to work with a microphone.

The Instrumental Department of the Academy of Art in Szczecin organizes numerous concerts and workshops. Virtuosos and virtuosos from all over the world come to us to conduct master classes. There are also research clubs within the faculty.