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Academy of Art in Szczecin
media art
Faculty of Media Art
The department runs
full-time first-cycle studies (three-year undergraduate studies)
full-time second-cycle studies (two-year MA studies)

DIRECTION: media art

- new media and animation
- photography
- movie

Studies in the field of media art with a specialization in new media and animation prepare for creative work on the art market. Students gain practical skills, highly valued by employers from the creative industry. They acquire the ability to be creative independently under the watchful eye of outstanding teachers and artists. Learning is primarily focused on developing the ability to work with the types of media selected by students, as well as to independently prepare and manage projects and organize teamwork.
In the field of media art, with a specialization in photography, we place emphasis on preparation for work in photography-related professions, treated on the one hand as a craft, and on the other as a branch of contemporary art. An important effect of these studies is gaining creative independence and the ability to prepare and manage projects, as well as organize teamwork. We educate in the field of ary, creative, analog, product, studio and photojournalism photography. Students work under the guidance of outstanding photographers, photographers, artists and artists, in professionally equipped photo studios.
In the field of media art with a specialization in film, we prepare for work in the filmmaker profession, with particular emphasis on the innovative and experimental approach to moving image. During their studies, students gain practical and theoretical knowledge. They carry out practical exercises that introduce them to the profession of filmmaker. Classes are conducted by outstanding specialists and practitioners. We educate in the field of film, image production in VR technology, film image production as well as the film production process (script, ation, filming, post-production).