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Academy of Art in Szczecin
Faculty of Painting

The department runs
full-time first-cycle studies (three-year undergraduate studies)
full-time second-cycle studies (two-year MA studies)

DIRECTION: painting

We conduct studies based on proprietary programs, adapted to the realities of the constantly changing reality and the circulation of art. We combine traditional workshop practice with education in the field of new media, enabling the acquisition of the necessary artistic competences in the field of broadly understood painting. We educate in painting, drawing, street art, complementary techniques, curatorial strategies and exhibition techniques.

Studies in painting at the Academy of Art in Szczecin prepare to start independent creative activity, work in cultural institutions and work in the field of broadly understood creative industries.

We attach particular importance to the individualization of the education process based on cooperation with major centers presenting the latest art in Poland and abroad. All this under the watchful eye of world-renowned artists and lecturers, in the modernly equipped, beautiful studios of the Pałac pod Globusem in Szczecin.