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Academy of Art in Szczecin
Palace of the Pomeranian Landowners
Pałac Ziemstwa Pomorskiego
The Palace of the Pomeranian Landowners was built in the years 1890-92 for the Society of the Pomeranian Land, an organization gathering wealthy landowners from Pomerania. This neo-baroque building, designed by the Szczecin architect Emil Drews, is entered in the register of monuments. The building was the seat of the Society's Mortgage Bank, after the war it housed banking institutions, and for some time it was also used by economic schools.

Until 2014, the building was the seat of the PKO BP SA bank. In 2016, the Academy of Art in Szczecin joined a tender for the sale of property rights to the real estate, announced by the current owner, PKO BP SA. In the procedure, we submitted an offer of PLN 9,100,000. The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage has guaranteed funds within the limit of investment expenditure for art academies for the purchase of real estate. The notarial deed on the purchase of the palace was signed on October 26, 2016.

It mainly houses music departments.