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Academy of Art in Szczecin
Step by step
 Recruitment 2021/22

Electronic recruitment for 1st and 2nd cycle studies:
May 12 - June 2, 2021

Entry exams:
June 14-30, 2021

Deadline for submitting s:
July 6, 2021

in the case of announcing the 2nd recruitment, it will be held on time
July 19 - September 20, 2021

IMPORTANT: The university conducts studies only in Polish!


1. You start recruitment by registering in our system at: . In the return message you will receive all the details - what to do next :)

2. It is important to pay the enrollment fee. DETAILED INFORMATION HERE

3. Then the Recruitment Committee will send you information about the detailed schedule of entrance exams.

4. Entrance exam. Due to the uncertain situation related to the pandemic, it is permissible to conduct the exam in part or in full online - wait for information, the Commission is obliged to inform you about the method of conducting the exam two weeks before its date!

5. Now you have to be patient while waiting for the exam results. The committees debate from morning to night and most often the results are posted on our website before the deadline given above. But wait patiently - your calls will not speed up the process :)

6. The next stage, after successfully passing the exam, is completing the data in our system. This is very important!

7. After all, finally, you can print your application from the system and submit all required s to the Student Affairs Department of the Academy of Art in Szczecin. Please do not wait for the last minute - the sooner you submit all the s, the more efficiently we can complete the recruitment procedure!

8. Now you are a student of the Academy of Arts. The real adventure has just begun :)

ATTENTION! If you failed the exam - do not break down and wait patiently for the announcement of the 2nd recruitment!