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Academy of Art in Szczecin
Under the Globe Palace
Pałac pod Globusem
The seat of the Academy's authorities; is a beautiful historic building, which in 2013-2014 underwent a thorough modernization as part of the project: Akademia Changes Szczecin: Pałac pod Globusem.
For this facility, already in October 2010, a development plan was ready, taking into account the teaching needs of the university and the expectations of the residents of Szczecin - we wanted to create public space accessible to residents and tourists. Today, around 310 artistic events a year take place in the Palace. We invite you to concerts, exhibitions, open lectures, workshops and consultations. We present art created by our students, lecturers and invited guests.

The Palace under the Globe is the most beautiful and best-preserved building of this type in Szczecin. The original baroque residence that stood in this place was called Grumbkow Palace (as the seat of the Supreme President of the Pomeranian Province, Philip Otto von Grumbkow). It was designed by the Frenchman Piotr de Montarque, created in 1724-1725, and the sculptural decorations were made by the royal court artist, Johan Georg Glume. In this building, in 1759, Zofia Dorota Wirtemberska, later Maria Fyodorovna, wife of Tsar Paul I.

In 1890 it was purchased by the National Insurance Company and thoroughly rebuilt. The palace has survived in this form to this day, and its original appearance has been preserved, among others, in corridors, staircases and some rooms. The globe that crowns the gable and from which the building's present name is derived, was a symbol of the global scope of "National" interests. The palace survived the times of World War II almost intact.
Today, the palace is the most impressive building at Orła Białego Square - the square which in the 18th century was the most representative place in the city. To this day, many objects located here attract the attention of tourists. In addition to the Palace under the Globe, there are other noteworthy monuments on the square. We are adjacent to the Ionian Palace (the name comes from the characteristic decorations in the Ionian style), which has been the seat of banks almost continuously since the 19th century. There is also the Classicist Palace, called Bartz Palace, and Velthusen Palace, which houses a music school. The beauty of Orła Białego Square is also emphasized by the sculpture of Flora, which was originally located within the Palace under the Globe, and the Fountain of the White Eagle, from which the present name of the square comes.
The building houses the galleries of the Academy of Art in Szczecin:

- Rector's Gallery
- R + Gallery
- ZONA Gallery

concert halls, photo studios and beautifully situated painting studios.